The "Resource Management API" is an extension of the SAGA specification / JSAGA implementation. It does not replace the standard Job/Data Management API.

It allows to acquire and manage resources (compute, storage, network). One can then use these resources to run job or manage data (with existing job/data API). Features of this API include:

  • Wrapping to underlying technologies (cloud, pilot jobs, grid…) to an uniform API,

  • Asynchronous mode (task),

  • Timeout management,

  • Notification (metrics),

  • Security context forwarding.

This component is used by the Future Gateway, to acquire and manage resources in a uniform way. These resources are handled through SAGA URL objects. These URL are then used by the Future Gateway to manage jobs and files through the JSAGA API.

The components jsaga-adaptor-rocci and jsaga-adaptor-tosca depend on the "Resource Management API" and on JSAGA for compilation. Although these components are not required to build and test the "Resource Management API" and JSAGA, they are needed to access the INDIGO-DC resources.