Eighth Update of INDIGO-1

The Eight Update of INDIGO-1 release contains: *

Infrastructure Manager v 1.5.1

What's new

  • The updated version of the IM provides several bugfixes and improvements like:

    • Fix Error saving TOSCA data

    • Improve load data.

    • Fix Bug in IM in HA mode getting old data.

    • Bootstrap ansible master VM with python if it does not have it installed.

    • Fix Error configuring VMs with sudo with password.

    • Fix errors in EC2, GCE and OCCI connectors.

    • Update OpenNebula to new TTS API

List of RfCs

Installation & Configuration

  • To upgrade to the last version first you have to install the new version using yum or apt tool: # yum update IM # apt install python-im

  • As there is a change in the DB format. Old 1.5.0 data must be updated. Use the script: db_1_5_0_to_1_5_1.py to update the DB format (if you have installed 1.5.0 version) or db_1_4_to_1_5.py (if you have installed 1.4.X version):

    • Install new IM 1.5.1 version.

    • In case that you were using a DATA_FILE to store the IM data (in case of 1.4.X version), define the DATA_DB in the im.cfg file.

    • Execute the script .

      • In case that you were using a DATA_FILE you have to specify it as the first parameter of the script.

        If you were using a DATA_DB to store your data this parameter is not needed.

    • The data will be moved to the new format and old data will be renamed as table inf_list_XXXXXX.

  • To update the container the user has to:

    • Stop the old container:

      # sudo docker stop im

    • Remove the old container:

      # sudo docker rm im

    • Pull the new image version:

      # sudo docker pull indigodatacloud/im

    • Start the new version:

      # sudo docker run -d -p 8899:8899 -p 8800:8800 -e IM_DATA_DB=mysql://username:[email protected]/db_name --name im indigodatacloud/im


Nova-Docker v. 13.0.0

What's new

  • The new version provides better jsut a repackage for Mitaka CMF

Installation & Configuration


rOCCI-cli v. 3.4.9

What's new

This is a maintenance release for the 4.3.x series. It introduces, among others:

  • Added support for actions returning mixin(s)

  • Added support for resizing via partial updates, e.g. `--action update --resource /compute/XYZ --mixin resource_tpl#small`

List of RfCs

  • support for actions returning mixins

  • support for resizing via partial updates

Installation & Configuration