Synergy Doc
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Daemons running


Init scripts

On CentOS:
systemctl [start|stop|status] synergy
On Ubuntu:
service synergy [start|stop|status]

Configuration file

Synergy must be configured properly filling the /etc/synergy/synergy.conf configuration file.
Instructions how to fill this file, along with an example, are available in the 'Deployment and Administrator Guide'


By default synergy logs its activities on the file /var/log/synergy/synergy.log. This file name can be changed modifying the synergy configuration file (attribute filename of the [Logger] section)

Open ports

To interact with Synergy using the client tool, just one port needs to be open. This is the port defined in the synergy configuration file (attribute port in the [WSGI] section). The default value is 8051.

Synergy storage

Likewise the OpenStack services, synergy stores persistently the needed information in a relational database. Instructions how to create this database are reported in the 'Deployment and Administrator Guide'.

Cron jobs

Synergy doesn't use any cron jobs