Developer Guide

This section describes the new elements introduced by the plugins which a developer can use to interact with IAM related elements, which mainly are the tokens.

Science Gateway developers should use the IAM token to interact with all the services provided by INDIGO-DATACLOUD. The token is released to Liferay during the authentication and made available to any application running on the portal. Developer can access the token using the remote interface generated by the Liferay service builder. Using this interface the portal generate a new service accessible from the Java code and a HTTP APIs using json as data format.

All the remote services are visible in the page /api/jsonws. If the modules are deployed, a new set of APIs with context iam is made available as shown in the following picture:

Liferay iam service

All the users can access the method get-token without parameter, as described on the page and explained in Liferay documentation. The method will return a valid access token of the user. It will be updated using the refresh token if the remaining validity is under three minutes.

The other get-token method allows to retrieve the token for any user providing the userId. Only administrator and authorised services can use this method.

Finally, the method get-token-info allows to verify the validity of a token. This method can be used by an application connected to Liferay in order to verify the validity of the token and retrieve some information like the user groups or the subject. Only administrator and authorised user can use this method so in case of applications these have to be associated with Liferay accounts authorised for this operation and the invocation has to be in the context of these accounts.