Service Reference Card

This section provides the "Service Reference Card".

Functional description: Integrate OpenId Connect based authentication and authorisation in Liferay 7.0 service. The token has to be compliant with the specifications defined in INDIGO-Datacloud project and implemented in the IAM service. Allow the validation and distribution of token to other service (e.g. the FutureGateway API service)

Services running:

  • tomcat8: (Java application) needed to run Liferay


  • The module introduce a new panel in Liferay Configuration. This allow to provide the information for the OpenId provider. The more important are:

    • User credentials: id and secret provided during the registration of the service in the provider

    • Well known OpenId Connect configuration: as an example for iam-test instace it is

  • Registration in IAM:

    • Return url: http(s)://<your_domain_name>/c/portal/iam_openidconnect

Logfile locations (and management) and other useful audit information:

  • Liferay log: LiferayIAM will log in the Liferay log files. As default they are in the log folder of tomcat and in a log folder outside of the CATALINA_HOME

Open ports:

  • Liferay Server:

    • 80 and 443

Where is service state held (and can it be rebuilt): Configuration information are managed by Liferay which is responsible to keep the values across restart and/or during update of the module

Cron jobs: None

Security information

  • Secure the token: the token should never be sent in un-secure connection so all the Liferay page involved with the authentication should be accessed with https, including the the communication involving the OpenId Connect provider

  • User can be managed using the Liferay control panel

Location of reference documentation: LiferayIAM on Gitbook‚Äč