User Guide

Using the web interface of WaTTS is quite simple. Basically, the only thing one needs to do is to press certain buttons and follow the instructions.

Login and Logout


Open the Token Translation Service web-interface in the browser. You will see a page which contains a drop down field and a Login button.

Select your OpenId Connect Provider in the drop down field and press the Login button. This will redirect the browser to the selected Provider.

Login into your account at the provider page. If this is the first time connecting to the WaTTS instance, you will be asked for permission to forward the information to WaTTS. After logging in at your provider, you will be sent back to WaTTS and automatically recognized as a user.

If you see the login page again, your login has failed or you are not allowed to use the WaTTS.


For security considerations, one should always logout from the WaTTS when not used. To logout, simply press the Logout button at the lower border of the page. After a successful logout you will see the login page again.

Creating And Revoking Credentials

Once logged in, you will see one or two tables:

  • Services table, which is always visible.

  • Credentials table, which may be hidden, if you have no credentials.

Creating Credentials

In the Services table each line represents a service for which one can request a credential. You request a credential by simply pressing the Request button. The service might be disabled for you, then the service is grey and the Request button disabled.

If the Advanced button is enabled it means that the service accepts parameter. Pressing the button opens a dialog where information can be entered. If there are more than one configuration possibility, arrows are shown to change the configuration. One example using the Advanced button is deployment of ssh keys, where you can paste your public key when using the Advanced button.

If the request was successful, a dialog will pop up with all the relevant information of the credential and how to use it. Once you close this dialog, all information is gone! WaTTS does not store the credentials. It only stores a reference to the credentials you created so that they can be removed, if needed.

Revoking Credentials

If you have created credentials before, you will see the Credentials table. Each line represents a credential. By simply clicking the Revoke button, WaTTS revokes your credential and removes it from the list of credentials.

Additional Information

Show Access Token

After pressing the Show Access Token button a dialog appears. This dialog contains the so-called OpenId Connect AccessToken, which can be used to act upon your behalf. It is e.g. used to request credentials using the REST API.

In general, there is no need to use it, unless doing development work.