oidc-gen is used to generate new account configuration. These account configurations are needed and used by oidc-agent. They can be loaded with oidc-add into the agent. And then any application can request an access token for that account configuration.
Account configurations are identified by a shortname. This shortname can be set to anything, but it is recommended to use a descriptive name of the provider / account used. E.g. a shortname for an account configuration for the DEEP Hybrid Datacloud could be 'deep'; for Google it could be 'google' or if a user has multiple Google accounts it could be something like 'google-work' and 'google-personal'. Usually it is enough the generate such an account configuration only once.
For oidc-gen there are a lot of options. We will cover all of them in detail under the point Detailed Information About All Options. To get help with generating an account configuration for a specific provider refer to Integrate With different Providers or if you have to register a client manually refer to Client Configuration Values.
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