General Usage
Usually oidc-gen is used in one of two ways: Using dynamic client registration (default) or using an already registered client (-m). For providers that support dynamic client registration a simple call to oidc-gen is enough. You can also directly provide the shortname of the new account configuration: oidc-gen <shortname> After a successful account configuration generation oidc-gen will save the encrypted account configuration file in the oidc-agent directory using the shortname as the filename.
Usage: oidc-gen [OPTION...] [ACCOUNT_SHORTNAME]
Internal options are not considered part of the public API, even if listed for completeness. They can change at any time without backward compatibility considerations.
See Detailed Information About All Options for more information.

Client Registration

oidc-agent requires a registered client for every OpenID Provider used. Most likely a user does not have an already registered client and does not want to do it through a web interface. If the OpenID Provider supports dynamic client registration, the agent can register a new client dynamically. One big advantage of using dynamic registration is the fact that oidc-agent will register the client with exactly the configuration it needs. Dynamic Registration is the default option and running oidc-gen is enough.
If a user already has a client registered or the OpenID Provider does not support dynamic client registration oidc-gen must be called with the -m option. oidc-gen will prompt the user for the relevant information. If the user has a file with the client configuration information they can pass it to oidc-gen using the -f flag. When registering a client manually be careful with the provided data. Check Client Configuration Values for the values that are important to oidc-agent.
See Provider Info on how to generate an account configuration for a specific provider.

oidc-gen and oidc-add

oidc-gen will also add the generated configuration to the agent. So you don't have to run oidc-add afterwards. However, if you want to load an existing configuration don't use oidc-gen for it; oidc-add is your friend.

Edit an existing account configuration

To edit an existing configuration, call oidc-gen -m <shortname> where <shortname> is the short name for that configuration.
If you only have to update the refresh token and do not want to change any other data for this account configuration, use oidc-gen --reauthenticate <shortname>.