General Usage

To obtain an access token for a specific account configuration you have to pass the shortname to oidc-token: oidc-token <shortname> This will print the access token to stdout. This enables serveral use cases:
  • print the token to stdout and copy paste it where you need it.
  • put the token in an environment variable: export OIDC_AT=`oidc-token shortname` .
  • pipe the token to a programm that reads a token from stdin: oidc-token shortname | iReadATokenFromStdIn.
  • use the oidc-token directly in the needed command: curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer `oidc-token shortname`' example.com.
  • use the -c (or similar) option to put the token into an environment variable: eval `oidc-token -c <shortname>`
Instead of using oidc-token <shortname> you also can do oidc-token <issuer_url>. While usually using the shortname is shorter there are also use cases for using the issuer url.
See also Tips for more usage tips.
See Detailed Information About All Options for more information.