Any Other Provider
If your provider was not listed above, do not worry - oidc-agent should work with any OpenID Provider. Please follow these steps.

Try Dynamic Client Registration

If you already have a registered client you can see Generate the Account Configuration.
Dynamic client registration is not supported by all OpenID Providers, so it might fail. Anyway, try registering a client dynamically by calling oidc-gen and providing the issuer url when being prompted.
If dynamic client registration is not supported, oidc-gen will tell you this. In that case you have to register the client manually through the provider's web interface (see Client Configuration Values for help with manual client registration) and then go to Generate the Account Configuration.
Some providers have a protected registration endpoint which is not public. If so oidc-agent needs an initial access token for authorization at the endpoint. Please call oidc-gen with the --at option to pass the access token to oidc-gen.
When the client was successfully registered the account configuration should be generated automatically and you should be able to save and use it.

Generate the Account Configuration

If you registered a client manually call oidc-gen with the -m flag or if you have a file containing the json formatted client configuration pass it to oidc-gen with the -f flag.
After entering the required information oidc-agent should be able to generate the account configuration which is then usable.

Still no Success?

If you still were not be able to get oidc-agent working with that provider, please contact the provider or us at https://github.com/indigo-dc/oidc-agent/issues. We will try to figure out if the problem is with oidc-agent or the provider.
Last modified 2yr ago