B2ACCESS does not support dynamic client registration and you have to register a client manually at https://b2access.eudat.eu/ https://b2access-integration.fz-juelich.de/ or https://unity.eudat-aai.fz-juelich.de/ (depending on the issuer url).
After the client registration call oidc-gen with the -m flag and enter the required information.
Note: In general for B2ACCESS and UNITY OPs the following information may be helpful (depending on the instance you use)
  • User Name is the OIDC client_id (you can choose it)
  • Password is the OIDC client_secret (you choose it)
  • Email Address is an email address for contacting the admin of the service
  • Service Security Contact is the security responsible of the service. This
    may be additional people, for example in a hosted VM setup
  • Site Security Contactis your computer centre security contact. Typically
    your CERT.
  • Service PP URL: This is your Privacy Policy (PP). Required by law.
  • The well_known configuration of login is here:
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