oidc-agent is a set of tools to manage OpenID Connect tokens and make them easily usable from the command line. We followed the ssh-agent design, so users can handle OIDC tokens in a similar way as they do with ssh keys.

oidc-agent is usually started in the beginning of an X-session or a login session. Through use of environment variables the agent can be located and used to handle OIDC tokens.

The agent initially does not have any account configurations loaded. You can load an account configuration by using oidc-add. Multiple account configurations may be loaded in oidc-agent concurrently. oidc-add is also used to remove a loaded configuration from oidc-agent. oidc-gen is used to initially generate an account configurations file (Help for different providers).

We have a low-traffic mailing list with updates such as critical security incidents and new releases: Subscribe oidc-agent-user

Current releases are available at GitHub or

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